Presidency School

Prefectorial Board

Prefectural Body

The Prefects of our school are democratically elected by the Students, Faculty, Housemasters and House mistresses. Our Prefectural system consists of the School Captain, School Vice Captain, Sports Captain, Sports Vice Captain, Cultural Secretary, and the Captains and Vice Captains of the four Houses.

Being a Prefect is a great way to learn that authority and responsibility are two sides of the same coin, and Prefects hone their leadership and team building skills while performing their duties

The Student Council is a democratically elected body of student representatives. It comprises of two elected members from classes V to XII. The main aim of the Council is to address the needs and concerns of the entire student body. It encourages participation and involvement of everyone from classes V upwards.

The office bearers elected for the year 2016-17 are:

Sl.No Portfolio Name of the student Class & sec
1. School Captain (Seniors) Karan Suri XII
2. School Vice Captain (Seniors) Ayush XI
3. School Vice Captain (Juniors) Vipasha VII
4. Sports Captain (Seniors) Mohamed Safwan X B
5. Sports Captain (Juniors) Dharneesh VI B
6. Sports Vice Captain (Seniors) Prakriti VIII A
7. Sports Vice Captain (Juniors) SaiArvind VII D
8. Cultural Secretary (Seniors) ManaswiniRajagopalan VIII B
9. Cultural Secretary (Juniors) Nakul VII D
10. Deputy Cultural Secretary (Seniors) Gowri P K VIII A
11. Deputy Cultural Secretary (Juniors) Ifa VII D
12. Red House Captain (Seniors) AnushreeNambiar X B
13. Red House Captain (Juniors) Tejas VII A
14. Green House Captain (Seniors) Anamika XI
15. Green House Captain (Juniors) SaiSudheer VII D
16. Yellow House Captain (Seniors) Dhikshitha X A
17. Yellow House Captain (Juniors) Nitheesh  P VII B
18. Blue House Captain (Seniors) Shivasmaran IX A
19. Blue House Captain (Juniors) UrmilaGopinath VIA
20. Red House Vice Captain (Seniors) Adrian VIII A
21. Red House Vice Captain (Juniors) TejasTanmai VI A
22. Green House Vice Captain (Seniors) Arijith VIII B
23. Green House Vice Captain (Juniors) Parizaa VI A
24. Yellow House Vice Captain (Seniors) Bipin Kumar VIII
25. Yellow House Vice Captain (Juniors) Pavithra V Nair VI E
26. Blue House Vice Captain (Seniors) ShanmukhaPriya VIII B
27. Blue House Vice Captain (Juniors) Mardhav V F
28. Student Council Rithin V B
29. Student Council Raghav R VI B
30. Student Council Syed Arsh VII B
31. Student Council PrannayHemachandran VIII
32. Student Council Debojyoti IX
33. Student Council Varun H X
34. Student Council VinayGopal XI
35. Student Council Chetan XII