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Presidency University Hosts ‘INVINCIA 2022’

Bangalore’s biggest cultural fest held in the city on 27th and 28th May

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

INVINCIA 2022, the biggest Cultural Fest of Bangalore was organised by Presidency University on 27th-28th May 2022. The grand endeavour was a result of the concerted efforts of the entire team of the Department of Student Affairs under the guidance of the Hon’ble Chancellor Mr. Nissar Ahmed and the Vice President, Mr. Salman Ahmed.

         INVINCIA 2022

Smt. Ashwini Puneeth Kumar, Producer (PRK Productions & PRK Audio) and alumni of Presidency School, RT Nagar, graced the inaugural function and declared the fest open. A special tribute was paid to the Legendary Actor LateDr. Puneeth Rajkumar, whose memories are still cherished and celebrated. The ceremony was attended by all the key officials, staff and students of the University.


INVINCIA 2022INVINCIA2022 was a culmination of 50+ Group & Individual events, nurturing talents PAN India, with a student registration from over 90 different colleges and universities, more than 2100 external student participation and a mammoth crowd of 20000+ Students. Divine x Gully Gang headlined Day 1 with a spectacular performance. Various artists like Khanzaadi, Loud-silence, Jubilman and others set the mood for the entry of Divine (Gully Gang) Day 2 was inaugurated by Mr. Javed Ali and marked the start of a huge variety of competitions in the genres of dance, dramatics, music, and fine arts. EMCTruth and Arjun (DJ Quake) opened the show for the mesmerizing, talented singer Ananya Birla, followed by DJ Dr. A, which left the crowd enthralled.

Chancellor, Mrs. Kauser Nissar presented the Overall Championship of Invincia’22 Award to St. Josephs College, Bangalore while the Runner Up Trophy went to Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. More than 20,000 students from across 90 colleges PAN India attended the two-day festivities of INVINCIA 2022.

Commenting on the event, Salman Ahmed, Vice President of Presidency University Bangalore said, “I congratulate the Department of Student Affairs, who with their talent, hard work, passion and imagination, created this magical event. This platform provided them the opportunity to bring out their latent talents and transform their skills into execution, giving them more confidence. We feel proud of our students for having pulled off such a spectacular event. We are excited that our aim of holding the biggest cultural fest in Bangalore, was realised in this overwhelming BLOCKBUSTER response.”

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poetry writing competition

A poetry writing competition was organized by Presidency school, Kasturinagar on 30th July 2021. Students were briefed about the activity by their respective English Teachers. A common theme was given on the spot and the students were given 10 minutes to plan and then 35 minutes to write the poem with a title (not less than 16 lines). The cameras were required to be switched on throughout the process.
Students were requested to maintain originality in their content. The talent and the confidence of the students was on display as they went on to pen down their creative ideas. This activity helped the students to express themselves with clarity and usage of the correct choice of words.
The teachers in charge chose the best poems of all and submitted them to the judges- Ms. Mila, Ms. Hasina, Ms. Luna and Ms. Reshma


Spell Bee Activity

Grades 3-5 students of PSBE took part in Spell Bee Activity on 27th July. It was held to aid students in learning spellings quickly and accurately with comprehension, promote students’ knowledge of proper word usage and encourage them to strive for excellence in spelling skills.
Students participated with great enthusiasm and duelled through the toughest words to prove their mettle in spite of the competition being held on a virtual platform. The competition made students aware of spellings and the usage of many unfamiliar words. It allowed them to develop a range of cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure. It also enhanced their memory and boosted their confidence level.
Once children learn to break down words, they can decipher meanings of related words, develop a more extensive vocabulary and become better readers and writers overall. With better reading comprehension, comes greater literacy, greater enjoyment of reading, literature and language.


Mom and Me

To increase the bond between the mother and the child, Presidency Early Years, Kasturinagar organised the ‘Mom & Me’ event for its K1 students. They spoke about each other and made cards then shared hugs and children went on to groom the mothers to look ‘beautiful’. A short video was played for them post which they happily clicked selfies and shared with all of us.


Public Speaking Activity

Public Speaking: The objective of this activity was to help the children of K2 at Presidency Early Years, Kasturinagar, build their self-confidence, to improve their descriptive skills by communicating their feelings/thoughts, foster public speaking competency among these young learners.
The students were given the topics in advance. They were really excited to speak on their topic and eagerly waited for their turn and some of them kused props while speaking about them. It goes without saying that the children’s involvement in such activities infused in them self-confidence and freedom of expression. The children left no stone unturned to put up an inspiring presentation in their journey to discover the power of speech. It was an interesting and a thrilling experience for the kids sharing their feelings with their peers providing a fun filled learning platform for everyone involved. We would like to express our gratitude to the parents and children for their effort and participation to make this event a success !


Mad Ads Activity

Presidency School, Kasturinagar held an activity ‘Mad Ads’ aimed at acquainting the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. It also provided a platform to students to showcase and highlight their talent, creativity, and innovation at marketing skills.
The activity was conducted on virtually where they not only showcased their acting skills but also explored their ability to use the cognitive skill on the spot. Students were given one minute to present their advertisement live on MS teams by switching on their camera and mic.
The advertisements presented were innovative with catchy and humorous tag lines. Students were requested to maintain originality in their content and used props as per the product they chose to display. It was creative & fun-filled event.


Poster Making Activity

The students of Grades 3-5 colorfully designed a poster on the theme – ‘World Environment Day’ with their creative ideas and catchy slogans.

After designing they uploaded their posters for evaluation. The posters were shortlisted according to the rubrics and the final decision was made by the judges (art faculty). E-Certificates were awarded to the winners in the E-portfolio. The competition ended with good value by incorporating all the students’ ideas to “Save The Earth”.

The idea was that by the end of the activity, students would learn about the issues related to sustainable living and to enhance the sense of responsibility in Saving the Earth, using the creative activity of designing posters.


Comic Charades Activity

Knowledge opens our mind to new perspective, ideas, beliefs, and culture. In pursuit of the same, the Department of English organized Online Comic Charade Competition on Thursday, June 24, 2021.A comic strip is a sequence of drawings, either in colour or black and white, relating a comic incident, an adventure or mystery story typically having dialogue printed in balloons. All students of Grade VI to XII were asked to create a comic strip based on any famous comic in which the main character should be a silhouette, either individually or in a group. They could either draw the comic strip or create it digitally. The students were also asked to frame questions based on the comic they chose and forward their comic strips along with the questions to their respective English teachers who in turn would compile and send it to the grade lead.

Three best entries from each grade were selected and handed over to Dr. Nivedita, Ms. Khushboo and Ms. Manisha.

The presentation on classroom screen was presented on the assigned date and time. Participants were divided randomly by the system into teams. Each team was given 30 seconds to identify the comic strip and 60 seconds to answer the questions. While the entire English Department contributed in conceiving the idea and planning the activity, the event was hosted by Ms. Manisha Banerjee Chakraborty and the jury panel comprised Ms. Yamini Priyadarshini and Ms. Luna Verma.

The winning comic strip is proposed to be published in the monthly E-Newsletter and the school magazine.


Heal the Earth Activity

“Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have a better future”
As part of the Environment Day, the students of Grade 1&2 had an activity titled “Heal the Earth”. As the theme of World Environment Day 2021 was Ecosystem Restoration, the students, with the help of a power point presentation were shown how important nature is, and that it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to save our Mother Earth to live happily. The activity was conducted on 15th June in the respective classes by the Class Teacher on MS Teams. The students planted seeds and saplings to add greenery to the environment and vowed to take the responsibility to keep the surroundings fresh and clean. Students enjoyed and parents appreciated the activity !


Partying in Disneyland – Kindergarten K2

Presidency Early Years, Kasturinagar had an activity “Party in Disneyland” for students of K2. Children were introduced to Walter Elias Disney and a few Disney characters. They also had a virtual tour of Disneyland, where they virtually visited the characters and the set from the movie “Frozen”. On 16th June, Wednesday children dressed up as their favourite Disney character and spoke a few lines about the character. They enjoyed the party and relished the snacks they had with them. View their candid moments captured by parents and shared with us, below.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity as they made the session colourful and fun-filled on the virtual platform with their active participation.


Partying in Disneyland – Kindergarten K1

Disney characters have become an inevitable part of children’s lives. They learn from them, laugh with them and grow up with them. What better way to give them this experience than by a virtual rendezvous with their Disney friends! The session commenced with the teacher displaying a PPT that introduced the students of K1 at Presidency School, Bangalore East to ‘Walt Disney’, the man behind Disney.

It went on to further describe various Disney characters followed by a virtual screening of a Mickey Mouse Movie. The little ones were asked to dress up like their favorite Disney characters, which they did, with a lot of excitement and happily spoke a few lines about their attire and the associated character when asked. The session was an interesting, fun filled extremely engaging !!!


Virtual Valedictory function – 6th March, 2021.

Valedictory holds a very special emotional connection in our hearts, and despite the current COVID situation holding us back from celebrating the same physically, no pandemic can withhold us from celebrating the spirit of the occasion.

Presidency School, Kasturi Nagar bid adieu to the Class of 2021 with a lot of pride, joy and good wishes! Watch the video to join us in our celebration and to convey your wishes to our students!


Graduation Day – Kindergarten

Kindergarten Graduation is a celebration that marks the beginning of the journey of a child to a school where they will be spending the next 10 years, facing ups and downs, experimenting and exploring new ideas and shaping themselves into tomorrow’s leaders.

Amidst academic and co- curricular activities and their hectic schedules, each student, teacher and staff have their eyes focused on one event – “The Graduation Day”. The beams of laughter, the tears of sorrow, the hard work, appreciation and criticisms and then the final countdown begins for this most awaited day.
The celebration at Presidency School, Bangalore East began with the class teacher addressing the parents and children. The little ones then recited shloka to seek the divine blessings of the almighty and also welcomed everyone for the big event. This was followed by the Principal Dr. G Thangadurai addressing the little ones and explaining them the significance of the day. Our Co-Ordinator Mrs. Savitha Anand congratulated and wished the little ones. A few children shared their experiences in Kindergarten. Then the children took the maiden pledge of their life and promised to be good and help others either big or small.
The icing of cake was honouring the children – while the teacher read the citation for each child the parents helped them wear the graduation hat post which they received a virtual certificate for successfully completing the kindergarten. Parents then shared their experience as well.

Our wish for the graduating students “May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue.”


Republic Day Celebration 2021
“Freedom in mind. Faith in words, pride in our hearts and memories in our souls.”
Presidency School, Kasturi Nagar celebrated this Republic Day and rekindled the emotion of patriotism in every viewer’s heart!
The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and showcased the same through their amazing performances. The programme began at 8:30AM. The chief guest for the day was our respected Director/ Principal Dr G Thangadurai who has always contributed to the nation as well as to Presidency family in his own ways, be it through relief funds or through reaching out to the teaching fraternity and enlightening them. Similarly, we are sure our students will also be encouraged to contribute to the nation and be good, law abiding citizens of the nation.
The gathering was graced by the presence of our beloved Admin Manager, Mrs Vijaya Thangadurai; Vice Principal, Mrs Bhaswati Mukherjee; CODs, staff members and teachers.
The guest members were presided to the flag hoisting ceremony by our school band team. Our chief guest hoisted the National flag, and the audience the National flag and pledged to up hold the honour and integrity.
Followed by this live telecast were the recorded programmes which brought out the zeal and passion of our teachers as well as our students who performed excellently well.
The NCERT song conveyed the message of being united and not discriminating which was followed by a strong speech and instrumental music.
The audience also had the pleasure of seeing the glimpse of a weeklong celebration through art and craft.
The audience reverberated with patriotic flavour and enthusiasm. The celebration came to an end by singing the National anthem.


Cookie Day

“Cookie day” activity is carried out as a fun, bonding activity with kids. They learn basic safety of handling the kitchen tool and letting them be more independent. The little ones at Presidency Early Years, Kasturinagar along with their parents baked cakes, cookies, pizzas and made sandwiches, bhelpuri, and chapatti rolls. Few children made the dishes live during the ‘‘Fun chat session’’ and spoke about their dishes. The pictures say it all:

Independence day Celebrations

The embarkment of the 74th year of Independence was celebrated by Presidency School Bangalore East on 15th of August, 2020, on a virtual platform, yet, with utmost ardent fervour. The remarkable day, as an attempt to fabricate and revive the essence of freedom was revered and rejoiced exuberantly.

On Independence Day the program commenced with the ceremonious hoisting of the Tricolour by the Guest of Honour Dr. G. Thangadurai,
followed by the chanting of the National Anthem, and the Welcome Speech by the School Captain. A plethora of cultural events pulsated thereafter. The patriotic rendition of the NCERT song, the mesmerising moves of the
Bhartnatyam, the vehement appeal of the ‘Sangolli Rayanna’ mono act by Mr. Kaladhara Bhatt, and Mr. Shivappa’s ‘Gandhi on canavas’ oozed in every ounce the heartfelt devotion and euphoria.

The Principal’s address, an ardent gratitude to frontline warriors, also glorified the unsung heroes of the pandemic-the teachers, for vigorously fighting against the oddities of the challenging times to keep the students engaged and mentally strong during the pandemic. His discourse was a guide to emancipating oneself to self-reliance by taking small steps into becoming amazing independent citizens.

The program, culminated with the Vote of Thanks delivered by the School Vice-captain and left the audience soaked in the unified diversity of their own cultural fragrance, and an urge to awaken the self to build our own ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

E-Pamphlet Design Activity

The students of grade 9 to 12 enthusiastically designed E-pamphlets to show their talent, even when they are away from school ! The event was held between 13th to 16th of July wherein the students presented their own designs during the Art period and shared their ideas on the chosen topics. The outcome of their efforts was marvelous, receiving a lot of appreciation even from the parents for engaging the students in a creative manner.