Presidency School


Academic Curriculum

We maintain an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic development of our students. By providing the right academic inputs and an effective developmental environment, we make the journey of the child from the first hesitant steps till graduation enjoyable, enlightening and memorable. Our graduate is thus an academically well – equipped and mature youngster ready to excel in the next phase of education in specific fields and life.


A stage when your toddler is curious about everything around him

The first few years are very crucial in a child’s life as it lays the foundation for the academic life. Hence, the Kindergarten at Presidency School East is designed with utmost care, ranging from the infrastructure to the programme of study so that it creates a bond guided with care and cherished with love and one that encourages them to spread their wings, take a leap of faith and soar high. We believe that if we explore the universe then sky can hardly be the limit. Our Kindergarten curriculum, exclusively designed by a core team comprising Subject experts, Teachers and Resource Facilitators, is a culmination of years of research that nurtures the budding minds. At this level we place maximum emphasis on visual learning and enhancing motor skills.
The creatively designed classrooms are equipped with extensive learning tools to capture the minds of our early learners. Our warm and friendly learning environment encourages active participation and interaction with peers and mentors, thereby nurturing the natural curiosity and joy of learning inherent in every child.
We also take pride in providing

  • Experiential learning environment.
  • A complete schedule of daily, monthly and yearly activities.
  • Montessori Labs for complete cognitive learning.
  • Rumpus Room for full – fledged indoor activities.
  • Scientific visual learning aids.
  • Technology enabled classrooms for audio-visual learning.
  • Exclusive outdoor activity and play areas dedicated to the kindergarteners, including sand pits, water play area, etc.

The Elementary School (I-IV)

A stage when your child starts to learn new concepts and ideas

We believe that Elementary Education is the right stage to set the pace for a successful academic learning of a child. In the Elementary School, which includes Grades I to IV, we follow a thematic and inter-disciplinary approach to learning.

The curriculum permits a wide scope for exploring individual interests and developing curiosity, self-reliance and team work. The individual capabilities and interests of each student is addressed, thereby not confining learning to academics alone. Sports and other activities are well integrated within the curriculum. The most important feature of our Elementary School is the absence of tests and exams for children up to Grade II, thus making learning a stress free and enjoyable experience.

The personal attention given to students gives each child an opportunity to learn and provides them exposure beyond academics.

Role-play, dance, music, field trips and a range of sports and co-curricular activities add new dimensions to the growth of the child. A good blend and balance of scholastic and co scholastic activities is our USP and this makes PSBE a school with a difference.

The Middle School (V-VIII)

A stage when your child is hungry for knowledge

Our perception of Middle School is that it is not just a transitional stage for a student but a phase that equips the learner for higher programs of study. During Middle School, from Grades V to VIII, we believe that children must receive a thorough grounding in fundamental academic tenets which equip them with the basic knowledge and concepts that helps them to relate this learning with real life for ‘maximum development of each learner’.

Our Middle School teachers channelize their extensive training in our self-designed teaching methodology followed during these crucial years to effectively cater to each learner’s individual need. Our program of study during Middle School prepares the students well in time to imbibe complex academic concepts at high school. We call this ‘futuristic learning’.

Keeping in mind the individual interests of the learners, their hidden talents are brought to the surface, guided and moulded to achieve the potential to its maximum through the various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities offered by the school. The combination of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities ensures holistic development of the learner.

The spectrum of extracurricular activities such as Music, Dramatics, Art, Dance, Sports and Games, gives the students scope for identifying latent talent allowing it to blossom.

The High School (IX-X)

A stage when your child looks forward to a bright future

The High School is the most crucial phase in the life of any student. At Presidency School East, we aim to offer the most effective tutelage at this level by recognizing the unique learning needs and interests of each student, placing suitably high demands on each of them and motivating them to achieve his / her optimum potential.

Each student receives individual attention and guidance by their mentors during the high school years. Their learning is assessed on a day to day basis through class work, homework and project work while their power of comprehension and assimilation are evaluated through regular assessments and positive feedback provided to improve their performance. Parents play a vital role in their ward’s academic life during these years. In addition to the student’s progress reports being shared with them, parents are invited to interact personally with the mentors after each assessment. Mutual respect, appreciation, constant and constructive interaction mark the teacher-pupil relationship and the teacher becomes an approachable guide in sculpting the child’s personality.

Senior Secondary School (XI,XII)

This two-year education stage is very important in the life of any individual. Though education is a life- long process, this stage is a major threshold to the life thereafter. The team of very experienced and well qualified faculty at PSBE ensures that the students are in safe hands and are handled with care and concern. The school also takes extra effort to monitor the progress of each child by assigning a mentor who motivates and encourages the student.

The following streams are offered at Senior Secondary level.

Commerce Stream: 
English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Informatics Practices.
English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Applied Mathematics.

Science Stream: 
English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science.
English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.