Presidency School

The High School (IX-X)

The High School is the most crucial phase in the life of any student. At Presidency School East, we aim to offer the most effective tutelage at this level by recognizing the unique learning needs and interests of each student, placing suitably high demands on each of them and motivating them to achieve his / her optimum potential.

Each student receives individual attention and guidance by their mentors during the high school years. Their learning is assessed on a day to day basis through class work, homework and project work while their power of comprehension and assimilation are evaluated through regular assessments and positive feedback provided to improve their performance. Parents play a vital role in their ward’s academic life during these years. In addition to the student’s progress reports being shared with them, parents are invited to interact personally with the mentors after each assessment. Mutual respect, appreciation, constant and constructive interaction mark the teacher-pupil relationship and the teacher becomes an approachable guide in sculpting the child’s personality.