Presidency School


By evaluating your child’s progress, we are testing our own abilities
At Presidency, Assessment is continuous and comprehensive. In the Kindergarten and Lower Primary classes it is an ongoing natural part of everyday activity. Students are assessed through worksheets and day to day activities. Student portfolios are maintained which contain the work samples and worksheets of every day activity.

For the Middle and High Schools, the student’s application to work is assessed through class work, homework and project work. The student’s power of comprehension is also evaluated through cyclic tests held on a weekly basis and examinations conducted at the end of each semester.

Evaluation is based on the student’s performance during the entire year and due weight age is given to all the tests/examinations, assignments and project work. Prizes/ Merit cards are awarded to meritorious students.
The Presidency Group has always stood for and promoted the principle of high academic excellence and this remains an indelible mark of all the institutions under the Presidency umbrella