Presidency School

The Elementary School (I-IV)

We believe that Elementary Education is the right stage to set the pace for a successful academic learning of a child. In the Elementary School, which includes Grades I to IV, we follow a thematic and inter-disciplinary approach to learning.

The curriculum permits a wide scope for exploring individual interests and developing curiosity, self-reliance and team work. The individual capabilities and interests of each student is addressed, thereby not confining learning to academics alone. Sports and other activities are well integrated within the curriculum. The most important feature of our Elementary School is the absence of tests and exams for children up to Grade II, thus making learning a stress free and enjoyable experience.

The personal attention given to students gives each child an opportunity to learn and provides them exposure beyond academics.

Role-play, dance, music, field trips and a range of sports and co-curricular activities add new dimensions to the growth of the child. A good blend and balance of scholastic and co scholastic activities is our USP and this makes PSBE a school with a difference.